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Ridgedog x Reader - More Than an Apprentice
You looked outside a window, with a bored expression. It's been a while since you and Ridge have done anything exiting, the last thing you could remember was going through a dungeon to fight some goblins, other than that, its been completely boring. You have no idea where Ridge is now. Your best guess is he's gone to do some more blood magic. You walked down to your bedroom and walked over to your bookshelf. Whilst looking through the books you had, one caught your attention. It was a photo album filled with memories, and also photos. You took the album and sat down on a chair, going through picture, to picture. Soon, you felt your eyes trying to close. As much as you tried to keep them open, they kept on falling until they were completely shut....
Your vision was blurry
"Oh god... what have I done?"
Livid looked down to your body lying on the floor unconscious.
"What happened?"
Livid turned around to see Ridge
"I...I killed (Name)..."
"What did you do this time Livid"
"I... I..."
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Yogscast x Reader - TOO MANY LIVIDS!!!
Okay, everybody. Thanks for coming to our... 'meeting' as you all know, we are here to discuss the clones of LividCoffee. Right now there are two..."
"Three if you count Lalnable"
"Well, we don't know if he actually exist so... he could just be another LividCoffee who traveled back in time"
"He's still out there"
"Well, maybe. You and...fluxy Duncan didn't see him so..."
Nano and Xephos kept on debating with each other about Lalnable's existence. You rolled your eyes.
"Can we just get on with this now"
"Oh right, well I think it's about time we... what's a friendlier way to say... 'dispose'"
"You can't kill Livid! Well, maybe the stupid Magic Police Livid"
Sjin stood up
"We're not going to kill the Magic Police Livid!"
Lewis shrugged
"Okay, maybe we should vote on which Livid should go. All in favor to get rid of the Magic Police Duncan"
Hannah, Nilesy, Kim and Parv raised their hands.
"Okay, and Fluxy Duncan?"
Sjin, Djh3max, Trottimus and Alsmiffy raised their hands. Lewis looked over
:iconjustagirl3421:JustaGirl3421 5 0
Yogscast x Reader (Stick of Truth AU) Part 3
"Just two days ago, we took the Stick back from the dwarfs. Our kingdom was dying, but now it thrives. For whoever controls the Stick, controls the universe. Don't gaze at it too long! For it's power is too much for mere mortals to look at! Now that you have seen the Stick of Truth, let's discuss your dues. Being a member of my kingdom costs nine ninety five for the first week, four dollars of which is tax deductable-"
"Someone has sounded the alarm!" Seriously? That's the alarm? Sjin came into the war tent.
"Alarm! Alarm! Alarm!"
"What is it?"
"The dwarfs are attacking!"
"Oh my God! Defensive positions!" The CEO ran out of the war tent. Leaving you with the blankest face ever. You were very confused of what was happening until you heard the CEO say
"Douche bag!!! Come help us!"
You walked outside to see everyone panicking while the CEO was making orders
"Man the gates! Don't let them through!"
But outside the backyard's gates you could see various people d
:iconjustagirl3421:JustaGirl3421 1 0
Yogscast x Reader (Stick of Truth AU) Part 2
"Welcome to Sips. Co, Douchebag the Jew! Who probably can also handle our finances."
That was what the CEO said before Sjin could say
"Now, please go and visit the weapon shop. Procure yourself a weapon and we shall teach you to fight"
Right after the CEO said that, you walked over to the weapon shop and Rythian spoke
"Would you like to see my wares, weary traveler? Perhaps you would like to hear tips and rumours for two dollars?"
You picked up your weapon first. It was a Warrior's Blade for $2.34 and then there's the tips and rumours.
"Don't waste your money on tips and rumours"
Well, that was very useful. Hope you learned your lesson! Anyways, you walked over to the CEO.
"Good, now how about you EQUIP your weapon instead of carrying it in a bag where it's completely useless"
After equipping the weapon which you forget to do earlier. The CEO came up to your by the weapon shop.
"Ah! You have procured a weapon. Nice, it is now time to teach you how to fight. I want you to take
:iconjustagirl3421:JustaGirl3421 1 1
Yogscast x Reader (Stick of Truth) Part 1
Your parents was downstairs unpacking everything from boxes, you just moved to a new town. The reason you moved was... unknown, to you at least. But your parents seem very optimistic about this. And beside, It's not like you had a choice to stay behind. You then heard a knock on your door, a female voice which you could guess was your mother spoke
"Sweetie, hun you all dressed"
You didn't respond but both your dad and mom came in anyways
"Hey Champ, how do you like your new room"
You looked around your new room, still silent.
"I know it's a big change for all of us, but... son, do you remember why we moved into this quiet looking mountain town?"
You still remained silent, not exactly knowing why you moved here.
"He doesn't remember"
"He doesn't remember at all"
That's good he doesn't remember"
You're parents whispered to each other. But the thing is, they were so loud at whispering you could hear them. I mean, did they seriously think you couldn't hear them when they're basically
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Kim x Reader - Secret Santa
It was the first day of December. Simon and Lewis was getting ready to be in the livestream, some people was getting the equipment ready for the livestream. and the rest of the people in the office was putting up decorations all over the office. The livestream went until about 11pm. After the livestream, everyone gathered into one room for what I guess you could call... a meeting. Really, you all were there to get your Secret Santa names. Everyone wrote their names on a piece of paper and the names were put inside a hat.
One by one, all of you walked towards the hat to pick a name out. When it was your turn, you put your hand right inside the hat and took a name out. You got Kim. You were not sure what to get for Kim, you both are more... acquaintances then actual friends. So you had a bit of difficulty thinking of what to get for her. At night, you kept on turning at bed unsure of what to get for her. Eventually you dozed off.
You knocked on Hannah's door.
"Hey Hannah"
"Hi (Name), rea
:iconjustagirl3421:JustaGirl3421 2 0
Martyn x Reader ( Schoolcast AU ) Part 2
The next day, you woke up feeling like crap. Just at that moment, you heard your phone let out a little chirp. When you picked up your phone to see who texted, the answer didn’t make you very happy.
Martyn : Hey, you okay?
(Name) : Yeah I’m fine
Martyn : So… no hard feelings?
At that moment you felt like yelling at him. He kissed you… what the hell.
(Name) : No hard feeling. See you at school okay
Martyn : Actually I’m kinda ditching, I want to spend these last few months with Kaeyi well.
You widened your eyes and slammed your phone on your bedside table. It woke Hannah up and she looked at you. You facepalm yourself, you forgot you live in dorms now and Hannah was your roommate. You thought it would be a blast to live in dorms but you miss your mom, your dad.
They decided to let you live on your own now. At least you would have a bit more privacy in dorms but you still had that empty feeling.
“(Name), is something wrong? You’ve been acting lik
:iconjustagirl3421:JustaGirl3421 1 1
Martyn x Reader ( Schoolcast AU ) Part 1
You felt nervous. You can't believe you're moving again. A new year, a new school. Where are you going from here. You managed to make some friends in your old school. You were happy. Now you were going to a new school. You were tired of moving from country to country. This is the 7th time you moved. it bothered you. Traveling was nice but moving from country to country was stressful. You can't even mention how many friends you had to say goodbye to because of your dad's new jobs.
And that's why you never had a boyfriend before. It's a little sad but you didn't want to hurt someone you possibly loved. Making friends was easy for you, but getting a boyfriend was not. It's not that they don't ask you out or something, it's just you always had to deny them and felt bad for it.Ned looked so pissed when you said no. He's never been denied by a girl. Either way, You lost touch to love and didn't care anymore. You walked in to see people walking down halls. You didn't know which class to go to
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[ 0 ] You have accomplished something very notable.
[ 0 ] You whistle when you talk.
[ 0 ] You wear glasses.
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[ X ] You are a leader.

[ / ] You lose your temper easily.
[ 0 ] You are... less intelligent.
[ X ] You love cute things.
[ X ] You love cake.
[ / ] You like fire and explosions.
[ 0 ] You often quote movies.

[ X ] You are in a relationship.
[ 0 ] You are a good singer.
[ X ] You have a fear of needles.
[ 0 ] You are skilled in archery (IRL).
[ / ] People think you're attractive.
[ X ] You love owls.

[ 0 ] You're married.
[ / ] You have a crude, often bizarre sense of humor.
[ 0 ] You have very pale skin.
[ 0 ] You use slang of your own invention.
[ / ] You're a bit insane.
[ X ] You are prone to swearing.

[ / ] You have a thing for pools.
[ / ] You aren't the greatest at fighting.
[ X ] You snort when you laugh.
[ X ] You are a terrible singer.
[ 0 ] Almost nobody finds you attractive.
[ 0 ] You read Homestuck.

[ X ] You prefer magic to science.
[ X ] You get deeply immersed in games.
[ X ] You often wear dark clothing.
[ / ] You can be mysterious.
[ 0 ] You don't use much technology.
[ 0 ] You are colorblind to some degree.

[ X ] You are AWESOME.
[ X ] You always have something nice to say.
[ 0 ] You are very shy.
[ X ] You love plants and nature.
[ X ] You are bisexual or bi-curious.
[ X ] You have, at some point, named random objects and held long, thought-provoking conversations with them.



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